Ahmet Bahaddin Ersoz

I am currently PhD candidate in civil engineering at Middle East Technical University where I have also received my BS and MS. We started an itech company i4Works in which we have created our finest product SiteEye. I am currently working as research assistant at METU, department of CE.

My research focuses on designing and implementing robust solutions in the fields of civil engineering and computer science; Digitization of construction industry, Engineering informatics, Computer vision, Machine learning, Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Crack identification for rigid pavements using unmanned aerial vehicles
Ahmet Bahaddin Ersoz, Onur Pekcan, Turker Teke

The system consists of recently introduced image processing algorithms used together with conventional machine learning techniques, both of which are used to perform detection of cracks on rigid pavements’ surface and their classification.

Lean Project Management using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Ahmet Bahaddin Ersoz, Onur Pekcan, Onur Behzat Tokdemir

The objective of this study is to reveal the use of UAVs as a lean project management tool. This paper indicates merely that UAVs have the potential for such a purpose.

Application of Artificial Neural Networks on Building Energy Estimation
Murat Altun, Ahmet Bahaddin Ersoz, Türker Teke, Tolga Kurt, Asli Akcamete-Gungor, Onur Pekcan

An Artificial Neural Network is developed to estimate energy performance of the buildings efficiently based on a previously generated dataset including building properties and energy loads.

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